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60 seconds to punch as many Nazis as you can


Camera - Mouselook

Forward - W

Left - A

Right - D

Backwards - S

Sprint - Shift

Why it's okay to not enjoy acts of violence

This game was made in response to the Charlottesville protests and as a response to the acts of violence and hate from the white supremacist protesters.


However, over the past week or so of making this game and showing it to people I have received some concerns about how this game seems to be taking pleasure in the violence shown towards these people. The concerns seem to be coming from the fact that this game both 1) Takes pleasure in responding to the arguments of Nazis with violence and 2) Is celebrating the violence taken towards Nazis both in the game and in general. The concerns people have are both totally legitimate and reasonable to have and raise, being critical towards violence of any kind is definitely a good idea, however I wanted to give my reasoning as to why I enjoy punching Nazis in a videogame and why I am okay with that being translated to Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Alt-Righters getting punched in the future.


The point I hope to get across is that violence towards Nazis is different then something like say, violence towards a particular race or gender. While both situations involve violence, One is violence against an identity that cannot be changed or altered and isn't inherently advocating for violence or hate. While the other is violence against an identity that at every second is both continuously choosing to exist and to advocate and sometimes enact violence and hate, whether directly or indirectly, towards other people based on nothing other than who they are. While I think it's okay to enjoy violence towards Nazis, I also thinks it's absolutely okay to not enjoy violence towards Nazis because you disagree with violence towards identities as a whole. What I have made this game for isn't just a general celebration of violence but rather enjoying the humiliation of these Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.

If you want to read more (and probably much clearer) thoughts about why many people are able to enjoy this then check out:

Nazi Beat - Brendan Keogh

This twitter thread.

Any money given to this game will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center


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